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DDD: 4
REL: 5
I stuck to plan today again. It seems to be getting easier, which is great. I'm home, and still staying on plan! When I go back to work next week, it will just be even easier. I can do this. I am really imagining myself doing this, and this year is going to be really awesome. I'm focusing on the eating part of this journey first. I am doing workouts every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, but I am not going crazy. I tell myself 15 minutes of some kind of movement for now. Honestly, today I grabbed my kettlebell did a few swings, then grabbed some light weights and did some reps. After that, I danced with Jolene a little, and walked in place. I just made sure I was moving for the full 15 mins. That's the plan for now, 3 days a week. I hate working out. I'm hoping as the weight comes off, I will start to enjoy it more, but we will see. 

EOD: 1503
DEF: - 797
RTL: - 2231

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