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Today, was a great start to the new year. I've decided to do my bullet journal digitally, and so far I am loving it. I'll share some screen shots soon. I am really enjoying it because it allows to me to make goals, and cross them out right from my phone, or Ipad. I can even use my Macbook to do it. It's pretty awesome. I do better when I have solid goals and planning ahead of me. I stuck to plan perfectly today. I ate every 3 or so hours, and wasn't overly hungry between. I think about food ALOT, too much. I am reading The Beck Diet Solution, and I am hoping to get some good techniques out of it. I totally believe in Cognitive Therapy, so why not. I have already done well on the whole, "No, I'm not hungry, I will eat in two hours" self talk. I turned down a chocolate bar today, and I didn't eat the chocolate donuts when I gave one to my daughter. It was a successful day today for sure, but it's the first day of the year. Day one. I have to make it through day one. 

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