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DDD: 7
REL: 3

Today was not an easy day. I was hungry for much of it, and I’m actually starving right now. Well, maybe not starving. I didn’t each much because I wanted the rest of my pizza from last night. So I had 2 slices for breakfast and 2 slices for lunch. For dinner, I had 10 mini corn dogs. They did fill me up when I ate them, but the lack of protein today made it impossible to stay satisfied. I refuse to go over my calorie goal though. So, I kept reading my “Beck Diet Solution Cards” and I read the parts to avoid cravings and the hunger pages too. I keep telling myself that this hunger is NOTHING compared to the discomfort I felt while pregnant and/or the C-Section that followed. I can avoid eating until my calories reset tomorrow. The hunger will fade away and I will get so much better at it. Keep in mind, I did eat today and I ate enough. I’m just used to eating too much. 

EOD: 1642
DEF: - 658
RTL: - 3679

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