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DDD: 3
REL: 2
Today, I tried Weight Watchers new "Freestyle" Plan. I was on plan all day, and I was doing okay. Then, around 7 PM, I realized I was really hungry. I had eaten all of my points for the day, and decided to see how many calories I actually ate. I put all the food into MFP and it told me that I ate 1405 calories. No Wonder I was HUNGRY! I was lucky not to be HANGRY!! I decided at that moment that I would go back to MFP and say Good-Bye to WW for good. My loss calorie is at 1850. That means, WW wants me to take an extra 400 calorie deficit, not to mention that I ate OVER my daily points already. I ate 33, when my daily is 26. Come on now, that's just ridiculous. I don't understand how people can do it. So, I ended up eating about 250 more calories, and ended my day at a solid 1675. I know I said that I can eat up to 1850 for a loss, but I eat at Maintenance on Saturday and Sunday, meaning I go all the way up to 2300 on those two days, so to make up for that I try to eat below 1650 during the week. I say, try - because I don't have to. I can eat up to 1850 and be totally happy. 

EOD: 1675
DEF: - 625
RTL: - 625 

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