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DDD: 9
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Today was not good. I knew it was going to be a tough day and I had a plan, kind of. Well, not really. We were treated to a lunch today at school, for the end of the semester/Christmas. I knew I was going to eat the lunch, it's free and I am not far enough in my journey to turn down perfectly good food. I don't ever want to be there though. There is no reason to have to turn down a free lunch. So, I decided I would eat less than I would normally && I did. However, it spun me out of control and when I got home I ordered Pizza for dinner. I had 3 slices, which I told myself only 2. I ended up eating over my maintenance calories today and I'm beating myself up over it. Tomorrow, we are going to have a class party with a ton of delicious goodies. I know tomorrow isn't going to be great either. I'll have these days though, and I will get past them. I will control myself tomorrow, but I won't turn down the food. I'm okay with this. I can fix it.

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