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Why I Quit Weight Watchers.

I wanted to take a moment to discuss the reasoning behind my quitting Weight Watchers. Weight Watchers does work. I want to start there. It just doesn't work for me, and I want to tell you why.

I am given a certain amount of points per day, and then I get a certain amount of "extra" points that I can use throughout the week "whenever" I want. I'm a numbers kind of a girl. I'm also a fail/succeed kind of girl, there is no middle ground for me. On Weight Watchers, I struggled with eating over my points, EVEN if I had the weeklies to use. I would still feel like it was a failed day. I wouldn't get a "Blue Dot" and if I didn't get a blue dot, I would beat myself up. I needed to see that blue dot, so I would eat my points and I would have a successful day. Now, I could do this. I could do this for a week at a time. I would eat great all week, lose 4-5 pounds, and then the next week I would binge because I gave so much up during the week to get all those "Blue Dot" days. I just couldn't get past seeing that number at the top telling me that I went "over" my dailies. It messed with my mind.

Counting calories, I have discovered that I can eat 1850 calories per day and lose at a rate that I am comfortable (1- 1.5 lbs per week). Weight Watchers wanted me to lose much quicker, I don't want to. Let me give an example. The first day I counted calories, I also counted points. I ate OVER more than 10 smart points for that day, BUT I ONLY ate 1400 CALORIES! That just blew my mind. This made me realize that when I stick to my points I am most likely eating somewhere around 1200 calories or less per day. That is just not realistic for me, long term.

Here's the thing. Weight Watchers wants me to fill up on "Free Foods" - this would make my actual calorie count go up and sustain my body. However, I didn't eat "Free Foods". I don't eat veggies and fruits. I don't like them. I'll stick a few in here and there, but I can't eat enough in one day to get more calories into my body. It just wasn't for me. When I count calories, I get to choose exactly what foods I will use my calories on. I don't have to eat fruits and veggies with every meal. I can eat what I want, when I want.

&& I rarely even eat all of my calories in a day. I eat less. Oh man, imagine how that makes my data driven mind feel! I feel free, and empowered. If I have calories left when I go bed, I feel so successful. I feel like I can do this forever. It feels amazing. I need that.

I also know how many calories I can eat up to without gaining. If I want to splurge, I can eat up to 2300 calories per day and not gain weight. This is another lesson that I needed to learn!

If you want to learn more about calorie counting and losing weight, please check out Heather over a - She has been such an eye opener for me.

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