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I've quit Weight Watchers. I haven't quit losing weight. I've struggled on and off again with WW over the past nine months. I would have weeks where I would lose anywhere from four to six pounds. Great Weeks! Then the next week, I would gain a couple back. I've done this same thing over and over the past six months.

Recently, I started listening to the "Half Size Me Podcast". Man, is it inspirational. Each Monday, Heather interviews someone who has lost a significant amount of weight. We hear all about how they gained, and how they lost the weight. The difference between Heather and everyone else, is the fact that we ALSO hear how they MAINTAIN the weight once it's off. Going through my weight-loss journey, diet after diet, I've never even considered what I would do when I hit my goal weight and need to maintain. Surely, I can eat whatever I want, Right? No. I've just never gave it much thought.

Now that I listen to Heather's podcasts, and I dive into her courses, I see it. I see it very clearly - more clearly than I have every seen it. I see myself, at my goal weight, and I see myself maintaining. Needless to say, I am part of her Half Size Me Community. I struggled with this because I was already paying 52 dollars a month with WW, and now I would be adding on another 20 for the community. I love everything about Heather though, so I took the plunge. Once I started listening to her courses, I realized exactly WHY I have been struggling.

After listening to the "Getting Started" Course, I quickly wanted to know exactly how many calories I was burning through each day, so I went straight to my Apple Health App (I have an Apple Watch). I noticed that I was burning through anywhere from 2300 to 2500 calories each day. I also checked in with a few online calculators in order to make sure that amount made sense. It did, so I took the lower end of 2300 and subtracted the 500 deficit I would need to get rid of a pound each week. That comes to about 1800 calories to lose weight at a MAINTAINABLE rate. I'm not in a hurry this time. I have time. I'm only 29 years old. If it takes me 2 years, I will have a HECK OF A LOT of years at my goal weight. I also realize that as I lose, I'm going to feel really good in my own skin. I already feel good, so once I get under 200 - I know that I'm just going to be feeling amazing the entire way down.

Anyway, I got off topic there. Okay so, 1800 calories to lose a pound each week. I went with this. I ate a whole day at 1800 calories, and I put it in my WW App. OMG, I was waaayyy over points for the day but I was still under my calories (in fact that day, I only at 1400 calories, but went over my SP's by 10 points!) You mean, I can EAT and still lose weight?

I realized that WW wants me to fill up on fruits and veggies, so they don't give as much points hoping that people will strive for those "Free" foods. Well, I don't and I won't. I would rather use all of those calories on foods that I actually like!

Once I realized this, it was easy for me to cancel WW (save 52 dollars) and now I can afford to be a part of community without pissing off my husband (joke!). I also paid for the premium version of MFP for the year at only 49 dollars. That's less than ONE MONTH of WW.

I just see my future so clearly now. I feel in charge, I feel capable. I can do this!

Check out Heather over at HalfSizeMe.com

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