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Checking In {After a Lapse}

Hey There - if anyone is listening. I'm back. It's a new month and I'm ready to continue my story.

What happened?! Well, June happened. I went to San Antonio and gained about 5 pounds. I started that vacation early and didn't stop it when I got back. I ended up gaining another pound the week after. 

Thankfully, I ended up losing this last week (3.6 lbs) - which put me at a gain of a little over 2 pounds for the month of June. Not a successful month, but I learned a lot. 

I'm ready for July! I'm going to try to do some making up for the gain last month, but I'm not putting too much pressure on myself. I know that when I go back to work in August, the weight is going to come off so much easier. I'll be busy, and I won't need to eat as much. I will also be walking and actually doing stuff. 

I'm trying my best until then. 

xo - Nykki

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