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I'll be catching up with this week's weigh-in. I've been hyper-focused on getting my blog to look exactly how I want it to look, so I've seriously spent the last four days working on that alone!!

I missed a week because I gained another 3.8 pounds. I was not happy and I just didn't feel like talking about it. However, the gain made me focus on what really matters. I wrote my last post {setting realistic goals} and I have felt so much better since.

I had a bad week, and then I had a really good week. I lost 4.8 pounds this last week. I've been trying to add a little bit of exercise into my day, but not too much. I'm not good a sticking to something that I don't enjoy and I really don't like working out. I am hoping as I get more and more healthy that will change, but that might take a while.

Anywho - Keep Reading to see my weigh -in chart...

2/21/17: SW - 232.2
Week 1: 2/28/17: 227.6 {-4.6}
Week 2: 3/7/17: 225.8 {-1.8}
Week 3: No Weigh-In
Week 4: 3/21/17: 226.8 {+1}
Week 5: 3/28/17: 225.6 {-1.2}
Week 6: 4/4/17: 221.8 {-3.8}
Week 7: 4/11/17: 222 {+0.2}
Week 8: 4/18/17: 219.4 {-2.6}
Week 9: 4/25/17: 223.2 {+3.8}
Week 10: 5/2/17: 218.6 {-4.6}
Week 11: 5/9/17: 217.6 {-1}
Week 12: 5/17/17: 216.8 {-0.8}
Week 13: 5/24/17: 220.6 {+3.8}

This Week's Weigh In -----
Week 14: 5/31/17: 215.8 {-4.8}

Total Loss: - 16.4

That's a total loss of 7.4 pounds in the month of May. That's a huge success! If I focus on that one really bad week, I would get myself down and possibly quit this journey. That's why I have set myself up for success and set {realistic goals} to meet. According to my plan, I easily hit 5 pounds loss in May. I'm at about 1.2 pounds per week right now. Let's go June!

xo, Nykki

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  1. I used to set unrealistic goals myself and would get discouraged when I did badly. Stick with it, you will be so happy with the results in the end!

  2. Congratulations! That's huge progress. I think people get discouraged when they think about how far they have to go instead of focusing on how far they've already come!

  3. Oh you've done so well! You can do this, just trust yourself! <3

  4. Fantastic progress!! What's been the thoughest thing in this journey?

  5. Girl that is fantastic. Remember to feel super proud of yourself on a regular basis, that is a great achievement.
    Katja xxx

  6. This is awesome! Such a great way to track your overall process! Keep it up!!

  7. Wow! Congratulations on your weight loss~ Just keep it up! <3

    xx Aica B. ♡

  8. Congratulations on your work on this journey of weight loss, I think no matter how much you weigh, loving yourself counts more.


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