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Vacation equals Weight Gain...

I had a blast on vacation. Let's get that out there. I went into my vacation knowing that I wasn't going to track anything that I ate. I even announced it at my meeting last week, the day before leaving. I guess I hoped that I could make better choices, but that did not happen. I ate anything and everything. I also drank about five beers one night. I didn't even consider my eating style. I went back to what I knew before Weight Watchers.

I am fully aware that this is going to happen. Weight Watchers isn't a one time, lose all the weight, and be done kind of thing. I will be doing this for the rest of my life. I am okay with that. I will go on vacation, and I will gain five pounds. I will lose the five pounds and I will move forward. I've got this. I'm not concerned. I'm having a bit of a hard time getting completely back in control, but I am getting there. I do plan on losing this week.

San Antonio was so much fun though, my family threw an early birthday party for Jolene. She'll be one on the 25th of this month! It was so adorable. As you can see, she loved her cake! :)

xo, Nykki

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  1. It sounds like you had a great time with your family so don't sweat the 5lbs! You'll burn it off in not time. Still have to live your life, right?!

  2. Aww it sounds like youve had a great time so forget the weight gain! Honestly there isnt a holiday goes by where i dont gain something - its always worth it!

  3. My only vacation that did not resolve in weight gain was when I had super awesome food poising.... I'll take weight gain anytime lol

  4. I just moved to Berlin so I know the feeling!!
    The food is just sooo good,
    I'm joining the gym next week! haha

    Jade | Personal Style & Fashion Blogger

  5. Ah, honey - don't be too hard on yourself. Sometimes the cake is good. You've done an amazingn job & you've come far from your beginning of this journey :-)

  6. You are doing great so far so once in a time you are ok not to follow the rules. Enjoying the time with the family is better when you don't worry about the pounds!

  7. You seem so happy - enjoy your cake pretty :)

  8. Don't beat yourself up for gaining few weight. You had a great time-that's what matters. :)

  9. All that matters is that you had a wonderful time with your family. That's way more important than having to restrict yourself and potentially spoil your holiday!

    Alice | Dainty Alice


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