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Food Find Friday {one}

"Food Find Friday" will be a weekly post, where I will be sharing the foods I find and love. These foods will be low points (and calories) and sometimes an alternative to something else I would have usually overindulged on. Feel free to share your finds in the comments, leave your name and link - if I try it and love it - I might use it. I'll give you the credit of course! 

Today's food find will satisfy your sweet tooth! If you asked me what my favorite candy was, I would have always replied with, "Werther's Original". I realize that this most likely isn't a common answer, but most people do actually at least like these candies. If you've never had them, try them. They are a mouthful of caramel deliciousness! I knew when I started Weight Watchers that candy wasn't going to be on the menu. I've tried some of the WW brand candies and they are just okay. 

When I found the Sugar Free Werther's at my local Walmart, I had to scan them! ONE smart point per serving. I know what you are thinking, well that's per candy. NOPE, a serving is FIVE candies. Let me say that again, you can eat FIVE candies! Honestly, I just grab one every now and then when I walk in the kitchen. I don't think I have even eaten five in one day. I could, I just haven't. 

Let me be clear here. They do not taste exactly like the one's with sugar. Actually, at first they don't taste all that great. I could taste the caramel syrup. However, once I ate them more often - I can't tell the difference. To me, they are the real deal. They taste great and they satisfy my craving! 

This is a product that will always be in my pantry. 

What are your Food Finds

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  1. I've tried a similar brand to this one and really enjoyed them, thanks for posting this - Will definitely look out for the sugar-free version. Got me craving them now!

  2. Omg!!! I love these..filled with caramel goodness..I have a colleague who gifts them to me when he gets back from leave...but I think those ones aren't sugar free because they are oh so sweet...I'll mention this

  3. I love your blog, woman. Also, these look awesome. I think they'd be perfect for work, as I tend to do a better job focusing when I have something to snack on. I think I have an oral fixation problem. LOL


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