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Weigh-In {4.25.17} Week Nine

I told you I was going to keep it real here. I was going to let you hear my accomplishments and my failures. I don't want to call it a failure, but let's call it what it is. I didn't accomplish my goal of losing weight - therefore it was a failure. You can try to sugarcoat it all you want, but that's not going to change the fact that I didn't lose weight.

I'm not giving up, I'm no where near the end. I will continue to fight this fight and follow my journey. I know it's going to be some time. I am not going to change overnight.

I am blaming some of this gain on my period. I am really bloated. Although, some of the gain was poor eating and that's my fault. I gave in to my period cravings.

Let's get to it: {Press 'Read More' to see my Chart!}
2/21/17: SW - 232.2
Week 1: 2/28/17: 227.6 {-4.6}
Week 2: 3/7/17: 225.8 {-1.8}
Week 3: No Weigh-In
Week 4: 3/21/17: 226.8 {+1}
Week 5: 3/28/17: 225.6 {-1.2}
Week 6: 4/4/17: 221.8 {-3.8}
Week 7: 4/11/17: 222 {+0.2}
Week 8: 4/18/17: 219.4 {-2.6}

Last Night's Weigh In -----
Week 9: 4/25/17: 223.2 {+3.8}

Total Loss: -9

I honestly don't know how someone gains that much in one week. It has to be water retention or my body doing something crazy!!

xo, Nykki


  1. 9lbs in 9 weeks is still an accomplishment. You are probably right that your recent gain was water weight. I get super bloated during my period and have to up my water intake to flush everything out.

  2. Never give up! I am also someone who wants to loose weight but I just keep procrastinating. I am glad to hear that you are not going to give up because failures are a part of it so have to keep going! Take care XoXo

  3. You're doing great, I'm also on losing weight program but didn't lose something the last 3 weeks. I've read some time ago that people lose weight when they pair and keep motivating each other, I guess we might do something like that even in virtual space.

  4. Good job lady!! Fluctuation is soooo normal - no worries!!

  5. This is so encouraging. You should be so proud of yourself and of your journey. Transformation in any form is always hard. Do not be hard on yourself for the weight gain you are doing incredible <3


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