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Weigh-in {4.18.17} week eight (5%)

         Last week was a good week. I've lost a total of 12.8 pounds {that's ALMOST 13}!! I hit my 5% weight-loss and I got my 5% charm! I am pretty excited about this. I'm at a point now that this doesn't feel like a diet anymore, it just feels like the way I live. I know what I am going to eat from week to week, and I know how many points it's going to be. I eat pretty much eat the same food, so that makes things easy. I'm lazy, remember. I am also very picky, so eating these meals comes easy. I'm not an adventurous eater, at all. I can't eat the same thing day in and day out, but I can eat the same thing week in and week out.

{Press 'Read More' for my Chart!}

2/21/17: SW - 232.2
Week 1: 2/28/17: 227.6 {-4.6}
Week 2: 3/7/17: 225.8 {-1.8}
Week 3: No Weigh-In
Week 4: 3/21/17: 226.8 {+1}
Week 5: 3/28/17: 225.6 {-1.2}
Week 6: 4/4/17: 221.8 {-3.8}
Week 7: 4/11/17: 222 {+0.2}

Last Night's Weigh In -----
Week 8: 4/18/17: 219.4 {-2.6}

Total Loss: -12.8

I always treat myself with Mcdonalds after weigh-in's. Even if I gain, it's my weekly enjoyment. I love fast food, but I have noticed a drastic decrease in eating it. This is a good thing and it has just happened. I don't crave it everyday like I used to. Actually, I don't think about food all day like I used to! 

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