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THE WEEKEND {What I ate} - not counting

I am going to write about this weekend, because I have this blog - but I don't really want to. I made better choices, well - let's just say I ate less than I would have before joining Weight Watchers. 

Let's start from the beginning...

Friday was fine, I ate 43 points - but it was within my weeklies. I did count Friday. 

Saturday was my school staff BBQ and I knew I wasn't going to eat well. I had a hotdog and half, some potato salad, and like 3 large Chocolate Chip cookies (this is where it hurts the most). I decided that I didn't even want to know how many points I ate. This is all I ate on Saturday though. I didn't eat Saturday night. 

Sunday was our early Easter BBQ with the family. I ended up ordering Papa Johns (their wings are my weakness). I ate around 10 wings with ALOT of ranch and a slice and half of Pizza. Then, when our BBQ came around I had a hamburger, some chips and salsa, and two pieces of Pie. 

Again, before Weight Watchers, I would have doubled what I ate. This is actually me in control. I chose to have a weekend like this and I'm okay with it. I am making a lifestyle change and it's only the beginning. I am going to make mistakes, but I am also going to eat what I want. I am not going to keep myself from enjoying my favorite foods. I am not going to avoid parties, and BBQ's because I can't eat. I won't do that. I believe in time, I will learn to make even better choices on these days - but this is just the beginning. 

I'm going to do really great the next two days and we will see what the scale says on Tuesday. :)

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