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The Struggle is REAL

I am having a rough time this week. Since Thursday, I have made some really bad choices. Yesterday, I snacked on things I shouldn't have and TODAY - well today I have lost control. I am now negative 25 in my weekly points. This is bad. Although I have made these terrible choices, I have not once considered giving up. I have not once said, "All or Nothing." I know that I am having a hard time right now, and I know this won't be the only time this happens along my journey. I won't give up. This is not a diet, this is my life. I will mess up. I will binge. I will gain weight. BUT I can lose it. I can lose this weight. I can beat this. I will beat this. 

Tomorrow is a new day, a new meal. One meal at a time. This weight will come off. 


  1. You can do it, remain just as motivated and you'll reach your goal! <3

  2. Oh, don't be too hard on yourself! I'm sure you'll be able to reach your goals:-) good luck!

  3. Awww...I can relate...we will be hug

  4. Honey, remember that you never can change yesterday or the last meal. You've eaten things you shouldn't but you know what? That happens to everyone of us, even to the healthiest and thinnest ones. Instead of worrying what has happened focus on good things you can do and eat today and days after it. :) Cook something delicious and healthy today and be proud that you are back on track!

    xo Nora /

  5. Well, it is only one day, don't give up now! Today will be a better day!!!

  6. Don't go so hard on yourself. Set small goals to achieve your ultimate goal. :)


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