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My Whys {Checklist}

I will be adding to this page as more "Whys" come up. 

Internal Why's 
1. I want to be a role model to my daughter. 
2. I want to play with my children without getting tired. 
3. My daughter && my future children. 
4. I want to go home and not be scared to see people I knew in High School. 
5. I don't want to feel judged for my weight. 
6. I want ENERGY.
7. I want to feel comfortable with full body pictures. 
8. I want to take pictures, while playing with my babies - and not crop my body out. 

External Why's 
1. I want to wear tanktops - in public.
2. I want to wear shorts - and feel comfortable.
3. I want to wear maxi skirts, and dresses. 
4. I want to wear a super cute peacoat during the winter. 
5. I want to wear leggings - in public. 
6. I want to wear cute boots. 
7. I want my husband to be able to pick me up!
8. I want to wear a bathing suit and feel comfortable.
9. I want to walk into any store and buy clothing that I like, NOT look for the plus size clothing! 

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