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I have had a pretty successful week, and then Friday came along. I planned on having Mcdonalds for lunch and a nice easy chicken breast for dinner. I would stay under my points and be happy as can be. Failed. I had pizza. It started with my mom suggesting nachos, one of my favorite foods. I said no to that, but then I decided that I wanted pizza instead. How did I go from chicken to PIZZA?!?!! 

My husband seriously needs to step it up. He needs to tell me NO! He can't. He sucks at telling me No. How do you think I got this Macbook computer that I am typing on right now. I get what I want && I wanted pizza for dinner. 

If I can make any excuse, I am sick. Both Jason (my husband) and I have been sick this week. We kind of feel like crap, and what do I do when I feel like crap? EAT! 

This is my pledge to myself. I will NOT eat like crap this weekend. I WILL make up for this terrible day that I have had. I will still lose weight this week. I know I can. I know I can. I know I can. 

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