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Today was a good day. I stayed on track again. Jason brought home some cinnamon rolls. They looked amazing, but I didn’t eat one!! 

EOD: 1722
DEF: -578
RTL: - 4257 



DDD: 7
REL: 3

Today was not an easy day. I was hungry for much of it, and I’m actually starving right now. Well, maybe not starving. I didn’t each much because I wanted the rest of my pizza from last night. So I had 2 slices for breakfast and 2 slices for lunch. For dinner, I had 10 mini corn dogs. They did fill me up when I ate them, but the lack of protein today made it impossible to stay satisfied. I refuse to go over my calorie goal though. So, I kept reading my “Beck Diet Solution Cards” and I read the parts to avoid cravings and the hunger pages too. I keep telling myself that this hunger is NOTHING compared to the discomfort I felt while pregnant and/or the C-Section that followed. I can avoid eating until my calories reset tomorrow. The hunger will fade away and I will get so much better at it. Keep in mind, I did eat today and I ate enough. I’m just used to eating too much. 

EOD: 1642
DEF: - 658
RTL: - 3679



DDD: 5
REL: 3
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Today I stuck to my calorie goal. I only ate twice though. I’m not sure a day like today would ever be sustainable, but it did work today. 

EOD: 1510
DEF: - 790
RTL: - 3021



DDD: 4
REL: 5
I stuck to plan today again. It seems to be getting easier, which is great. I'm home, and still staying on plan! When I go back to work next week, it will just be even easier. I can do this. I am really imagining myself doing this, and this year is going to be really awesome. I'm focusing on the eating part of this journey first. I am doing workouts every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, but I am not going crazy. I tell myself 15 minutes of some kind of movement for now. Honestly, today I grabbed my kettlebell did a few swings, then grabbed some light weights and did some reps. After that, I danced with Jolene a little, and walked in place. I just made sure I was moving for the full 15 mins. That's the plan for now, 3 days a week. I hate working out. I'm hoping as the weight comes off, I will start to enjoy it more, but we will see. 

EOD: 1503
DEF: - 797
RTL: - 2231

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DDD: 2
REL: 4
Today, was another successful day. I took on a bit of a different approach and it still worked out well. I didn't eat every three hours today because it just didn't work out that way. I had a small breakfast, and then after Jolene's nap I went to McDonald's for lunch. I counted it, of course. I went to a play date with Jolene, and when I got home I didn't know what I would have for dinner, so I decided to not have my afternoon snack and save my calories for dinner. I did this successfully, batted off cravings, and ended up having a great dinner, that allowed me some calories to have some chocolate afterwards. I ended the day a tiny bit below my goal. 

EOD: 1612
DEF: - 688
RTL: - 1434

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DDD: 2
REL: 2
Today, was a great start to the new year. I've decided to do my bullet journal digitally, and so far I am loving it. I'll share some screen shots soon. I am really enjoying it because it allows to me to make goals, and cross them out right from my phone, or Ipad. I can even use my Macbook to do it. It's pretty awesome. I do better when I have solid goals and planning ahead of me. I stuck to plan perfectly today. I ate every 3 or so hours, and wasn't overly hungry between. I think about food ALOT, too much. I am reading The Beck Diet Solution, and I am hoping to get some good techniques out of it. I totally believe in Cognitive Therapy, so why not. I have already done well on the whole, "No, I'm not hungry, I will eat in two hours" self talk. I turned down a chocolate bar today, and I didn't eat the chocolate donuts when I gave one to my daughter. It was a successful day today for sure, but it's the first day of the year. Day one. I have to make it through day one. 

EOD: 1554
DEF: -746
RTL: -746

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Welcome 2018. I hope you are the best year yet. 
Blog Every Day {Journal}
Stay on Plan as many days as possible.
Put Jolene in some kind of class.
Have more Energy. 
Lose Weight.
Make better Food Choices.
Plan for another baby.
Save more money, than I spend.
Feel Confident, and Successful
Show myself, that I can do it. 
Take One Day at a Time.

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DDD: 3
REL: 2
Today, I tried Weight Watchers new "Freestyle" Plan. I was on plan all day, and I was doing okay. Then, around 7 PM, I realized I was really hungry. I had eaten all of my points for the day, and decided to see how many calories I actually ate. I put all the food into MFP and it told me that I ate 1405 calories. No Wonder I was HUNGRY! I was lucky not to be HANGRY!! I decided at that moment that I would go back to MFP and say Good-Bye to WW for good. My loss calorie is at 1850. That means, WW wants me to take an extra 400 calorie deficit, not to mention that I ate OVER my daily points already. I ate 33, when my daily is 26. Come on now, that's just ridiculous. I don't understand how people can do it. So, I ended up eating about 250 more calories, and ended my day at a solid 1675. I know I said that I can eat up to 1850 for a loss, but I eat at Maintenance on Saturday and Sunday, meaning I go all the way up to 2300 on those two days, so to make up for that I try to eat below 1650 during the week. I say, try - because I don't have to. I can eat up to 1850 and be totally happy. 

EOD: 1675
DEF: - 625
RTL: - 625 

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DDD: 9
REL: 3
Today was not good. I knew it was going to be a tough day and I had a plan, kind of. Well, not really. We were treated to a lunch today at school, for the end of the semester/Christmas. I knew I was going to eat the lunch, it's free and I am not far enough in my journey to turn down perfectly good food. I don't ever want to be there though. There is no reason to have to turn down a free lunch. So, I decided I would eat less than I would normally && I did. However, it spun me out of control and when I got home I ordered Pizza for dinner. I had 3 slices, which I told myself only 2. I ended up eating over my maintenance calories today and I'm beating myself up over it. Tomorrow, we are going to have a class party with a ton of delicious goodies. I know tomorrow isn't going to be great either. I'll have these days though, and I will get past them. I will control myself tomorrow, but I won't turn down the food. I'm okay with this. I can fix it.

EOD: 2697


DDD: 5
REL: 3
I did well today and resisted a few cravings. I felt more hungry between breakfast and lunch and snack and dinner. My morning snack had no protein and I am thinking that could be why. 

EOD: 1679
DEF: - 621
RTL: - 1661



REL: 3
Today was a great day. I messed up in the planning for my lunch. I bought something thinking it was 1 serving, but it was two. Instead of ruining the whole day, I just ate half and saved the other half for my afternoon snack. I started the day with my protein drink and ate every three hours. I had some cravings at night, but did not give in to them easily. 

WO: 10 Mins, 10 Reps (Kettlebell)

EOD: 1840
DEF: - 460
RTL: - 1040

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